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 «GladWorld» - here you can find amazing stuff about lifestyle, nutrition, mindset and behavior that will help to everybody become healthier and happier.

 Also, you will get know advantages of Raw Food Diet, Green Smoothies and will find huge amount of Healthy Tips.

 …Just imagine dark lifeless Universe, so big and cold... Suddenly bright and shining Ray become to flow through it. It fills the Universe with Light and Warmth, it breaths with Love and the World becomes alive. Pure water splashing and beautiful flowers bloom in the place where just emptiness was a moment ago. The Universe becomes to breath. This Ray is YOU!

  I met with Raw Food just when I started to regenerate my body with revolutionary Green Smoothies from dark leaves, fruits and water, which was created by Victoria Boutenko. Daily consuming of them help you to move to a new level of Energy and Healthy. Green Smoothies are very nutritious, easy to digest and easy to prepare in blender. Thanks to Green Smoothies you can easily transit to Raw Food Diet. It’s a physical level of getting know yourself on Raw. 

 Then I got involved into “The Work” of Byron Katie and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), they help with different daily life problems: relationships, nutrition problems, psychological accidents, negative memories, worries and fears. Many people need to cleanse the mind from accumulated “toxins” like negative thoughts, fears, doubts, uncertainty while switching to Raw.   These technics help to transform and begin to feel safety in this World to get clarity and vibrant energy, which help to everybody take action and create your own reality. Its a mind cleanse.  

 I feel the understanding of true nature of my Soul only now. Its amazing! I learn love, gratitude, patience; I work on myself and help to people. Last two points are useless without Love, without Awareness. The easiest way to be 100% Raw is to feel Unconditional Love, because it’s the most important. Remember, food is just a food.

 I invite you to learn how to live Healthy, with Love to God, with Infinite Gratitude to everything, how to know patience and acceptance, how to do good actions and intelligent thoughts, with Joy of just Being and Positive Feeling. 


You are Welcome!