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Why I've chosen the VITAMIX blender


Why I've chosen the VITAMIX blender

  Dear Friends!

 As the author of healthy nutrition books and advocate of Green Smoothies and Raw Foods I want to say it why I’ve finally chosen VITAMIX blender. 

 I met VITAMIX blender at first in USA in 2008. I took notice it Raw Chefs use only this blender.

 I had the opportunity to consider the quality of the blender: speed, consistence of Green Smoothies, excellent work at all.  

 Once I was at American Raw Foodists with great experience in Raw. I asked how many years they use VITAMIX blender. I was shocked: “17 years without any breakdowns.”

 Honestly I found out it how it is cool to daily use blender which do not broke for many years.  

 I used different other blenders but they always broke down.  I will never forget workshop in summer 2011 vegetarian festival. During my public speak my Chinese blender began to smoke, many people saw it and I could not make Green Smoothie for them. It was embarrassing.  

 After sad experience with different other blenders I decided to use only VITAMIX blender. Then the Life surprised me. The VITAMIX company choose 10 Raw Advocates in different countries and gave to every of them VITAMIX blender. I was in Russian 10 and I was very happy.

 I got my VITAMIX blender in August 2011 and I enjoy it every time I blend my simple Raw recipes.   

 I developed exclusive Marina Gladkikh Menu “Green Fresh” in 2012. Restaurants and cafes must use only VITAMIX blender if they put “Green Fresh” to their menu. 

 Besides I want to share some next amazing advantages of VITAMIX.

 I regularly hold meetings in Moscow for people who interested in Raw Food and Healthy Nutrition. I always feed them with Green Smoothies which I made on my VITAMIX blender. Many immediately want to know where they can buy the blender, because it makes nice ground and pleasant to drink Smoothie, without any fruit pieces and green slices, which always take a place if using usual blender.

 You can blend any dry products like fief, sesame and buckwheat without water in VITAMIX. You can make raw meal from these products. 

 I thank VITAMIX Company for quality and reliability which everybody experience through many years. I also thank VITAMIX distributors in Russia, they help to get known about best blenders in the world.

 If you buy VITAMIX blender, you can get 1% discount. Just tell to your distributor that you order it from Marina Gladkikh and you will get your blender next day in your city. 

 With healthy and joy wishes,

 Marina Gladkikh,

 Moscow, March 2012