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About Marina Gladkikh

Marina Gladkikh:

   I’m the author of next Raw Food books: “From Green Smoothies to Raw Food or How I’ve lost 30 pounds and totally change my life” and “My Life and Raw Food. Real stories and recipes Book.”


 I’m the organizer of different Raw Events all over the Russia (and abroad), like Potlaks, dance Vegan-Parties, lectures, trainings and workshops. 

 I have my own web-site gladworld.ru and some active accounts in social networks. I communicate with many people there.

  My bio. I was born in Sakhalin island in 1977, graduated school with honors, honestly studied a lot in my life. I worked as a teacher of Psychology a long while, still do like public speaking. Another part of my activity is work as a psychologist, which has grown to the whole life philosophy.  

 I have 15 years’ experience of individual and group coaching. Have 2 higher educations: Law and Psychology. I’m the candidate of legal science. Worked as a practical psychologist, medical psychologist, teacher of psychology, business-coacher and HR-head. 

 I’ve got education at Victoria Boutenko in Raw Family Publishing, OR, USA (http://www.rawfamily.com/) in 2008. I’ve took part in healthy life-style trainings and retreats. They help to gain healthy habits thanks to consuming amazing Green Smoothies, which has been created by Victoria Boutenko (the author of bestseller “Greens for Life”. Also I learnt the psychological problems solving method “The Work” by Katie Byron  (http://thework.com/index.asp), my coacher was Tom Compton (http://thework.com/tcompton.asp).  

 I took part in making documentary film «Overcoming the food imprint» (http://www.rawfamily.com/images/products/overcoming_lg.jpg

I’ve got an education in Creative Health Institute - CHI, Union City, MI, USA (http://www.creativehealthinstitute.com/

Together with Victoria Boutenko and her family I participated in the biggest Raw Food Fests in USA: http://rawspirit.com/, http://www.joyforliferetreat.com/

   I do love hold lectures and trainings, reveal infinite human resources and go deep into my personal growth potential.   

 I live in India, engage in Latin American Dances and I make beautiful bijouterie and earrings from gold, stone and silver by my own hands. 

 My photos before and after Raw you can find here: http://gladworld.ru/photo 

 Raw Food Life Style makes our lives much better!

Imagine it your couple don’t embarrass, isn’t sad, don’t get seek, don’t tired, don’t feel cold and suffer from the heat, almost don’t sweat and is smell good, you don’t have to clean his clothes often, he hasn’t offensive breath in the morning and you can kiss immediately. Do you want this couple? I bet you do! But whats about the opposite?

These are the advantages of Raw Food. All these things you can get simply changing you diet. Everybody can improve his healthy. All information on my web-site is just a way to consider alternative. What to choose depends only on you.  

 I was very sad when it was raining and when there was bad whether before Raw. Now I’m very happy in this case and always think to go outside without umbrella. 

 If you like this mindset try to enrich your diet with Organic Food, add much Fruits, Vegetables, Greens and other Raw products to your daily stuff.  And you will find out what I’m talking about.


With Love,

Marina Gladkikh